5 plans you can’t miss for Holy Week in Madrid
5 plans you can’t miss for Holy Week in Madrid
We propose you 5 plans for your Holy week holidays in Madrid. Are you ready for your getaway in the capital?

5 plans for this Holy Week in Madrid

If you’re thinking about spending the Holy Week in Madrid, but you still have no plans, we have good news for you. This week, from Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol we bring 5 plans you can’t miss to make your Holy Week unforgettable.

5 plans for a unique Holy Week in Madrid

Take a boat ride through El Retiro
In the pond of Parque del Buen Retiro you can spend a different morning. There you will find rowing boats and even a wheelchair-accessible solar boat where you can get on and enjoy such a special and iconic setting in the capital.

Do the route of Madrid’s torrija
If any dessert is typical of Holy Week in Madrid, it is the torrija. The quintessential sweet of these dates deserve to be tasted in all its fullness, and what better way than to do a route trying the best torrijas in Madrid from El Riojano, Moulin Chocolat, Pastelería Mallorca, or Madreamiga.

Attend a procession
There are several processions that usually go through Holy Week in Madrid. For example, on Holy Thursday, the Jesus of the Great Power that leaves the Collegiate Church of San Isidro at 8:00 p.m., or the Christ of Medinaceli, which is one of those that arouse the most fervour on Good Friday.

Listen to live music on the street and in temples
During Holy Week in Madrid, there are many places where you can listen to flamenco saetas and religious music. Walking down the street you can listen to music both on the balconies of Plaza Mayor, Calle Colegiata or Calle del Nuncio, and in churches such as San Francisco el Grande or San Ginés.

Enjoy the latest musicals in town
Any occasion is a good one to experience the magic of a musical. Take advantage of Holy Week in Madrid to see one of the shows on the Spanish Broadway billboard: Gran Vía

There is no better way to make the most of Holy Week in Madrid than by staying in the city centre. Having the best theatres, bars, and churches just a few minutes' walks away, in addition to saving you a lot of time travelling, will allow you to live an immersive experience in the very special atmosphere.

Make your reservation at Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol for your Holy Week getaway in Madrid and get ready to enjoy an unbeatable location in the centre of the city, the best way to mingle with the festive atmosphere that is lived in the city on those dates.