Tablao flamenco la Carmela
Tablao flamenco la Carmela

Come to discover a unique experience and feel flamenco in your body.

If you like flamenco you will know that both dancing and singing play two fundamental roles in this style that express so much feeling.

We also emphasize percussion instruments and the accompaniment of hand clapping in some of the performances.

Flamenco dance is capable to transmit an endless number of sensations through the expression of the whole body in which all the details count.

La Carmela is a mystical space that will let us enjoy both the dance and its Castiza gastronomy.

We emphasize above all Flamenco artists of the highest level, under the direction of the master Juan Andrés Maya and Raquel Martos.

Don't miss the best flamenco dancers, who will give their body and soul in every show, we are waiting for you!