Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol

Shopping in Madrid

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Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol is one of the best hotels in Madrid for shopping thanks to our proximity to the city’s most central commercial area. However, there are also many other areas in the city famous for their fantastic shops.

Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol and Preciados

Puerta del Sol is the commercial heart in the center of Madrid. Even, perhaps, not being the main square naming the whole area the place hosting the most known shops, the streets around it host some of the main department stores and retail fashion shops chains in town. Arenal, Montera o Carmen are some of those, but the main one is Preciados -one of the most important shopping streets in Spain-. Mainly during the most active shopping seasons, like Christmas or seasonal sales, the pedestrian area in this street is permanently crowded by shoppers and passing by citizens. Our hotel is located barely a couple of minutes from Puerta del Sol by foot.

Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol

Gran Vía Street

Gran Via is known as the main avenue in Madrid for cinemas, theatres and musical shows, but it’s also very well renowned due to its commercial environment. On it, we can find mostly fashion retail stores, some of them quite big, as located in old cinemas rebuilt as shopping facilities. It’s also a well known spot for buying items related to culture and music, hosting huge stores as the biggest bookshop in Madrid -Casa del Libro- and the cultural megastore FNAC -at Callao Square-.

Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol

Fuencarral Street

Fuencarral is the hot spot in Madrid for trends and fashion. After a huge renovation in the neighborhood, this old and historical street in the city center became a pedestrian area attracting some of the youngest, trendiest and most alternative fashion shops in Madrid. The core for all of this new fashion booming area is the picturesque Mercado de Fuencarral.

Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol

Serrano and the Salamanca District

The posh and classy Salamanca Quarter is another of the main shopping areas in Madrid. Serrano Street is, possible, its most famous area, as considered the most elegant shopping street in Madrid, hosting most of the main luxury brands in town. In other smaller streets in the area like Ortega y Gasset, Claudio Coello o Jorge Juan, have flourished a bunch of other shops selling luxury fashion, clothing accessories and home & style luxury goods, creating an authentic ‘Golden Mile’. Not far from Serrano, the more popular shopping area in Goya Street counts on several clothing chain stores and some department stores also very popular in Madrid.

Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol

El Rastro

El Rastro is much more than a huge flea market. It’s a touristic spot in Madrid by itself, filling every Sunday morning a main area in the center of town with street vendors and citizens buying stuff or simply walking around and having a look. There, you can find many different articles of any kind: clothing, handcrafts, electronics, books or records, having also the chance to get lost in the antique and vintage shops looking for a hidden treasure. El Rastro is one of the best ways of spending a Sunday morning in Madrid. Our hotel is located about 15 minutes by foot from El Rastro.